Supporting conscious leadership
for global regeneration
Part of the Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland, Findhorn International Centre for Sustainability (FICS) ​is a dynamic social laboratory examining options for the future of our world.
We run events to inspire new projects and ideas that can be applied to support professionals and innovative organisations to thrive in a world moving towards a sustainable economy.
Our programmes support the implementation of the United Nations  Sustainable Development Goals as a practical way to transform our world. To align ourselves with the Paris Climate Agreement we are taking steps to measure, reduce and offset our individual and community carbon footprints and we encourage participants in our programmes to do the same.
Attending Findhorn and the resulting impact has become a key element in our business strategy development. Our participation and experience at Findhorn helps us to challenge ourselves, think outside the box and grow.
Guy Bigwood, MCI Group
Findhorn has long been a beacon for a very different kind of engagement in meeting the challenges that currently confront us. Truly effective action requires thoughtful reaction, and education for transformation requires practical demonstration. But thinking holistically and acting in the spirit of interdependence is not as easy as it sounds! Nowhere has worked harder to give meaning to these precepts than Findhorn, to the benefit of the many thousands of people who have drawn on its inspiration and pioneering leadership.​​
Jonathon Porritt, Programme Director of Forum for the Future and former Chair
of the UK Sustainable Development Commission

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