A Taskforce for SDG-related Financial Disclosure

Shaping the intersection between business, society and the Sustainable Development Goals.
This event happened in July 2018
The Sustainable Development Goals, despite their universal acceptance as the roadmap to an equitable and sustainable future, are still predominantly seen through the lens of philanthropy and traditional development aid from western governments and industrial powers. As inequality rises and sharp economic and social divisions begin to emerge even in counties with developed economies, the responsibility of the corporate sector to the communities where it exists and the economies it serves needs to be re-examined in the context of a new post-industrial globalised economy.
I am counting on the private sector to drive success. Now is the time to mobilise the global business community as never before. The case is clear. Realising the Sustainable Development Goals will improve the environment for doing business and building markets.
Ban-Ki-moon, former UN Secretary-General
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The goals set by the Paris Accord have been adopted wholeheartedly by industry worldwide along with a commitment to meet the emissions targets necessary to decarbonise our economy and transition to a sustainable future. Adoption of the rest of the 2030 sustainability agenda is now required if the global corporation is to play its role as a supporter and facilitator of thriving ecosystems, fair wages, habitable cities and all the components of the shared future we want.

This event will bring together the organisations who have been instrumental in promoting the SDGs and driving their acceptance as well as private sector representatives who have demonstrated leadership in their Environmental, Social and Governance activity.

Together we will examine how transnational corporations can best align their activity to the SDGs as well as publicly committing to such action and to monitor its impacts. We aim to build a coalition determined not only to improve progress towards the SDGs both locally and globally, but to formulate a visible and objective means to demonstrate this commitment in order that industry laggards may feel compelled to join, investors can quantify the clear business benefits of SDG-impact, and the wider public recognise the positive effect of the much-maligned global corporate sector.
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