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Since 2010, Findhorn International Centre for Sustainability has operated its services as part of the globally recognised 55-year-old Findhorn Foundation within the Findhorn Ecovillage Community. We are committed to supporting organisational leaders working towards a sustainable future. Many of our guests return year after year as they find our events so nourishing and stimulating.

A global network of professionals collaborating to create a regenerative and compassionate world.

Set in a unique learning environment, FICS brings together changemakers from all fields to launch ideas and actions which support a regenerative and compassionate world. We invite participants to bring all of themselves into full presence in order to catalyse deeply transformative conversations and connections.
Completely transformational on a personal, professional and spiritual level. This is a place of tolerance and acceptance which holds the essence of things. It’s been different from any other training or workshop I’ve been part of before.
Nezha Larhrissi, Former Senior COP22 Advisor to the Moroccan Minister of Environment.
?Why Findhorn
Findhorn International Centre for Sustainability (FICS) is part of the Findhorn Ecovillage - a thought leader, a living experiment, an evolving ecological settlement and an innovator in personal and professional development for over half a century. 

The programmes run here address both the externals of sustainability and the importance of the inner life of humans in their search for meaning and purpose. Guests from across the world are drawn to the extraordinary combination of low carbon lifestyles with an organisational ethic dedicated to all areas of sustainability.

Forget presentations in slick hotels with minimal time for personal interaction. FICS programmes are rich participatory experiences which address both the externals of sustainability and the importance of the inner life of humans in their search for meaning and purpose. 
As the holder of UN Habitat Best Practice designation, FICS is an ideal place to not only dream dreams, but to plan how to make them a reality. We view the FICS as the ‘alternative Davos’ providing a holistic, human worldview that stops institutional truths from eclipsing individual truth.

FICS provides a place to envisage a different version of modernity drawing on the authority of lived experience. Philosophising about life is interesting but there is no alternative to the practical demonstration of alternatives.

We invite you to meet yourself and other sustainability professionals in a new way, surrounded by the beauty of northern Scotland - bay, beach, dunes, forest, eco-buildings, a natural waste water purification system, wind generators, recycled whisky barrel houses and organic gardens.
Management Team

Yvonne Cuneo

Member of the Findhorn Ecovillage Community for over 17 years and a former member of the Management Team of the Findhorn Foundation. A co-founder of Findhorn Internation Centre for Sustainability, Yvonne is committed to welcoming sustainability professionals to this unique location. Yvonne works to develop and run cutting edge events.

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Andrea Marcus

Trustee Advisors

Paul Dickinson

Executive Chair and founder of CDP, Paul has the ambition of creating a global economic system that operates within sustainable environmental boundaries and prevents dangerous climate change. Also a Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation, Paul serves as a key advisor to the work undertaken by FICS.

Helen Wildsmith

Helen leads  CCLA’s climate change stewardship work. This has included convening the award-winning ‘Aiming for A’ investor coalition, which co-filed successful shareholder resolutions at the 2015 BP and Royal Dutch Shell AGMs. Also a Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation, Helen serves as a key advisor to the work undertaken by FICS.
I loved the diversity of the group and the slow and holistic pace that actually allowed real progress. A special experience in a special place reminding me of what I can achieve.
Matt Hale, Director of Catalytic Social Finance. Formerly with Sustainable Banking Group, Merrill Lynch and European Treasurer for US banks - Bankers Trust.
Ecovillage Location
The Ecovillage Project at Findhorn began in the 1980s as a logical extension of the work the community had been undertaking with nature since its founding in 1962. The Findhorn Community had been experimenting by working closely with nature to build a sustainable lifestyle. Through this work, the community has contributed significantly to the development of the ecovillage movement worldwide. 
An ecovillage, defined as being ecologically, economically, culturally and spiritually sustainable, is a living experiment that forms the backdrop to all of our programmes and events. There are now 90 ecological buildings, three wind generators and a biological sewage treatment plant called The Living Machine, in addition to a variety of social and cultural technologies.