The Authentic Investor

Saturday 22, 3.30pm - Tuesday 25 June, 6pm 2019
This retreat will help people working in investment or finance to re-discover that authenticity and the values that inspire us are the key to replenishing our energy, so that we can continue our work for a sustainable financial system that serves people and the Earth.

Through a range of professionally facilitated sessions, discussions and experiences our time together will give us an opportunity for reflection, exploration and connection - with ourselves and with each other.

We will explore how we can work together in the future to spread the concept of the ‘Authentic Investor’ and the values of sustainability more widely through the financial system.
The retreat gave me permission to explore who I am and what is important to me in life and work, and was a wonderful grounding opportunity. This is a powerful development opportunity for people in investment.
Ingrid Holmes, Hermes Investment Management
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
The urgency of sustainability challenges is only increasing. Responsible investment and ESG have made much progress, but working for change in this way can still be tough.

We often find ourselves going against the grain of the investment industry: it can be hard to argue a financial case for sustainability issues when long-established cultures, norms and behaviours in finance resist the changes we seek.

Fighting for change in the language of ‘materiality’, ‘risk’ and the ‘business case’, we can be acutely aware of the tension between ‘values’ and ‘value’.

We may conclude that we cannot take the risk of openly acknowledging the personal values that underlie what we do and which are the wellspring of our energy.

We feel we have to wear a mask in the office that conceals who we really are - perhaps the best of who we really are. Perhaps we have lost our authenticity.
£1,750 - For-profit organisation rate (e.g. asset managers, banks)
£1,350 - Not-for-profit financial institutions (e.g. pension funds)
£950 - Individuals rate.

Price includes all food and accommodation throughout your stay. Transfers not included.
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