​​Corporate Strategy for an Open Society

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How can investment, political, corporate and non-profit actors work together to promote ​corporate strategy for a sustainable economy? This event will gather a select group of influential people from organisations eager to collaborate to help answer this question. With expert facilitation, this meeting will help identify progressive corporate policy for healthy societies, where business fits into community and within environmental boundaries, and how corporate behaviour can strengthen and preserve an open society. 
The five days at Findhorn was a welcome opportunity to step off the merry-go-round, relax, discuss and debate with a variety of great thinkers from the sustainability world. It was life-affirming and the personal and professional boost I needed to continue my work."
Determining where there are gaps in our networks and considering how to develop new - and strengthen existing - partnerships
Our long-term vision is to establish a dialogue that facilitates productive partnerships and networking opportunities for key individuals from politics, investment, corporate and civil society sectors to consider optimum strategies for overcoming economic equality, providing healthy societies growing in a just and sustainable world.

The content of this event will not be fixed and will be participant- led to enable the right dialogues to happen at the right time. As a meeting of expert peers the intention is for participants, supported by expert facilitation, to create content and lead sessions that enable us to:   

Recognising the contribution that sustainability champions within the corporate and investor community have made in supporting the Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals and other positive legislation.
How the nature of the corporation is changing, the threat or potential from disruptive industries and how sector-wide strategy needs to work with politics, civil society and community for mutual benefit.

In policy, process and society and how we can integrate the voice of citizens, shareholders and enterprise equally into policymaking.

Amongst and between the communities that will play a significant role in achieving our stated aims. How can we focus on the sustainability champions in industry and connect them with others to support their goals?

By the key players in the corporate, non- profit and political sectors as well as at local and community level.

In order to make those advocating for sustainability and long-term strategy better heard and understood within their own sectors and by government.

This event will be convened by:       
Paul Dickinson - Co-founder and Chair of Management, CDP     
Helen Wildsmith - Stewardship Director at CCLA, FTSE4Good policy and criteria committee member,       
Robin Alfred (Facilitator) - Executive coach, trainer and facilitator,   Thomas O’Neill - Research Director and Co-Founder, InfluenceMap, Karla Hill - Director, Programmes, ClientEarth,       
Luis Neves - Chairman, GESI.org,
Gabrielle Walker - Strategist, speaker, author and moderator

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£695 including three nights’ accommodation (Tuesday - Thursday), all meals (vegetarian, local, organic where possible) and course content. Train from London is an additional £145 each way.
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