Findhorn International Forum on Sustainability

13 - 17 April 2019

The Findhorn International Forum on Sustainability (FIFS) will empower your response to the sustainability crisis by once again combining carefully selected people who are influential in this critical area with an environment that stimulates new perspectives on old problems. Join us on this, the eleventh FIFS event to uncover your response to the challenges facing the world today.​
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Water Security Forum

11 - 14 May 2019

This event will focus on ensuring the corporate, investment and environmental sectors are sufficiently focused on the threat posed by water security, the measures needed to mitigate this threat, and the systemi​c obstructions to sustainable water use. With a dedicated SDG on water, now is the time to ensure water use is placed central in our transition to a sustainable economy.
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Leading from the Future - Facilitating Emergence

20 - 23 July 2019

Guided by expert facilitator Robin Alfred this workshop is for leaders seeking to develop a new understanding of the sources of insight, innovation, intuition and inspiration.  Participants will explore the true nature of the future and develop the inner and outer competences required to lead from this new understanding; and will learn how to facilitate this capacity in the individuals, teams and organisations that they work with.
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Spirited Business: Brands for the future

12 - 15 October 2019

A gathering of purpose-led, conscious business leaders who see beyond the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, operating with a clear intention to manifest change and make a significant difference in the world.   

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Being at Findhorn always reminds me that powerful and positive visions for the future can be realised… I constantly ask myself how I can integrate this sense of joy, connection and inspiration into my daily life, both personally and professionally.​​​
Ed Gillespie, Author ‘Only Planet’, Co-Founder Futerra

Eldest Daughter Retreat

This event has already happened

Over four days, the Eldest Daughter Retreat (EDR) provides a life-affirming opportunity to meet with other ‘eldest daughters’ (women who are the firstborn in their family, with at least one younger sibling of either gender) from many walks of life. We will create a space to reconnect with what drives you, allowing yourself to become more conscious of your eldest daughter patterns, and to ultimately regain a greater freedom of choice.
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I was somewhat sceptical but open-minded. I’ve found the style of meeting outside my comfort zone but inspiring. A wonderful experience that I would urge others to consider.
Paul Druckman, former CEO, International Integrated Reporting Council
I left thoroughly enthused with a head full of to-dos, having learned, felt and experienced way more than I expected. Four months on I am still feeling the benefit of my time in Scotland, personally and professionally. ​​
Joe Wadsworth, Good Energy