Findhorn International Forum on Sustainability 12

Sunday 25, 2pm - Thursday 29 April, 12.30pm 2020​
The Findhorn International Forum on Sustainability (FIFS) will empower your response to the sustainability crisis by once again combining carefully selected people who are influential in this critical area with an environment that stimulates new perspectives on old problems. This, the twelfth programme, will continue to be a vibrant opportunity to meet inspiring people from businesses, NGOs, social enterprises and organisations, hatch new ideas and reflect on your own personal resilience - all in the hands of expert facilitator Robin Alfred.
The FIFS programme works to unlock your unconscious, realising and forming new visions, plans and collaborations. The people you meet, the depth of relationships created, and the resulting business and personal exploration is game-changing.
Guy Bigwood
Five days of exchange with an immensely diverse and inspiring group of professionals (now friends) on anything from "what is my life's purpose?" and "how can I have a bigger impact and stay positive?" to "what is the political system that can best support sustainability?...Amazing.
​Charlotte Dufour
The experience will be stimulating, intensive and satisfying - a much needed space to retreat from your day-to-day concerns, press the pause button, review the year and consider the deeper currents that inform your life and work.
With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the world has committed to massive changes. At FIFS12 in 2020, we will look at ways we can accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable and low carbon future.

The format seeks to make optimum use of the environment of the Findhorn Community, which is, in our view, a vigorous and thriving research centre for the future of the world.

The event will be professionally facilitated and the agenda will emerge from the interests and inspirations of the participants linked to the themes of sustainable development and the low carbon transition. This format of a flexible structure and an emergent agenda has proved to be highly creative, responsive, energising and productive at previous events.

Pausing to consider ‘first principles’ and the ‘wider context’ has merit and Findhorn offers a place where visitors can reflect on questions like: how can governments and non-state actors accelerate implementation of the Paris Agreement and SDGs? Am I in the right place doing the right thing at the right time?
£1,450 - Corporate / for-profit organisation rate 
£1,050 - NGO / not-for-profit organisation rate 
£950 - Individual rate.
Price includes all food and accommodation throughout your stay. Transfers not included.
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Price includes all food and accommodation throughout your stay. Transfers not included.