Beyond Complexity:
Integral City Care Context & Capacity

Saturday 14, evening - Tuesday 17 September 2019. Depart 9am Wednesday 18 September
This four-day course is for “meshworkers” to imagine how to reframe simplicity on the other side of complexity in the Integral City – or Human Hive. You will join graduates of prior training to build on the Integral City practitioner and catalyst competencies to apply new skills to a live case study. You will look at the city through the lenses of Care, Contexting and Capacity Building. You will view the city as a complex, adaptive living innovation eco-system, where the internal and external connections amongst the 4+1 voices of the city (Citizens, Civil Society, City/Institutional Managers, Business/Innovators (and other cities) enable conditions for thriving today. You will seek to align intra-city and inter-regional collaborations through caring for people, contexting for place and capacity building for purpose. This course introduces the practices of “meshworking”, so that practitioners who work with individual organizations and catalysts who build bridges between organizations can engage with the city as a whole.

We will select a city as a case study, from participant proposals. Mapping connections, aligning people, place and purpose, we will discover how this city can learn from other cities. We will co-create implementation plans for one or more of the global/local-scale challenges arising from climate adaptation, energy shifts, water management, food security and cultural evolution.  We will identify resources that may be trapped in city sectors, silos and stovepipes. We will apply frameworks, tools and processes that release energy, catalyze new conversations and build on underlying values. Together we will mesh and re-align the assets, capacities and capitals into living networks of economic, environmental, social and cultural interests. We will select the relevant prototypes that align community engagement, city development, business strategies and communication technologies to evolve the intelligences in the case study into a thriving human hive.
Marilyn is a passionate leader who brings bold and inspired perspectives to her work with community leaders and engaged citizens... Among her many accomplishments is the ability to elegantly navigate complexity in its myriad manifestations.
Tam Lundy, PhD, Senior Associate at Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative
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This event invites the graduates of prior training to build on the Integral City basics and co-creative capacities learned in earlier courses. Like earlier courses (Beyond Smart: Integral City Practices, Tools & Maps and Beyond Resilient: Integral City Inquiry, Action & Impact) this event targets the 4+1 Voices of the city, so they can practise working together as an integrated team. People who are:
  • Business leaders seeking opportunities for their businesses that serve a higher purpose.
  • Civil Society (Third Sector) leaders seeking more inspiring ways to communicate the voices of the marginalized and the spirit of the community.
  • Local Government leaders with responsibilities across a range of services, who want to align and collaborate for effective outcomes.
  • Engaged Citizens, who are ready and willing to contribute to the wellbeing of their city.

During the retreat, we will draw upon the research of the author and the Integral City Communities of Practise (in Canada, USA, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Mexico) integrating the experiences of participants to help develop deep insights into the patterns that are emerging in cities around the globe. You will see how to integrate power, authority, influence, perspective, and aliveness for the wellbeing of your city and eco-region.

Located in Findhorn Park (++) we will consider how the community is living its purpose of co-creating a thriving and loving world, where as a conscious community, it strives to demonstrate a practical spirituality in harmony with nature and play its part to positively
transform humanity and the earth. In our work, we will consider the impact of Findhorn’s three guiding principles: deep inner listening, working as love in action and co-creating with the intelligence of Nature.

Inspired by the paradigm-shifting frameworks, research and impact designs of Marilyn Hamilton’s Integral City website, blogs, courses and books (Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive; Integral City Inquiry & Action: Designing Impact for the Human Hive; and Integral City 3.7: Reframing Complex Challenges for Gaia’s Human Hives), this workshop is being convened by author Marilyn Hamilton, Founder of Integral City Meshworks, and co-facilitator Beth Sanders, with additional input from the Community of Practice and Findhorn Community practitioners.
£1035 - Corporate / for-profit organisation rate
£835 - NGO / not-for-profit organisation rate
£735 - Individual rate.

All prices include four nights’ accommodation (Tuesday - Friday, depart Saturday before 9 am), all meals (vegetarian, local, organic where possible) retreat content and facilitation. Limited bursaries are available for young professionals in need of financial support at this stage of their career.
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