Leading from the Future - 
Facilitating Emergence

Saturday 20 July, 2pm - Tuesday 23 July, 12:30pm, 2019
In this workshop you will develop the inner and outer competences that support your capacity to lead from the future, and to facilitate this capacity in the individuals, teams and organisations that you work with.

Through deepening and reframing your understanding of the nature and sources of insight, intuition, inspiration and innovation you will explore the true nature of the future and how to source this, live and lead from this.

Guided by expert facilitator Robin Alfred this workshop will be highly experiential, and will draw both on the wisdom of participants and on the teachings of such luminaries as Thomas Hubl, Eileen Caddy, Don Beck, Arny & Amy Mindell and other teachers who have profoundly influenced Robin’s philosophy and practice.
Simply one of the best facilitators I have worked with. Intuitive to the needs of the group and individuals. Flexible yet strong. Knowledgeable about processes. A kind and positive energy
Oliver Vanheel, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
Robin has exceptional talent as a coach and facilitator. His wide ranging skills as a poet, actor and psychologist allow him to enthuse a group with energy, humour and deep reflection.
Guy Bigwood, former Group Sustainability Director, MCI
It is something of a cliché to say that the world is going through an unprecedented amount of change at an unprecedented rate. We live in what are sometimes known as VUCA times – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.
At such times, be it at work or at home, we seek innovation and new approaches that can best meet the times and circumstances we are in. This means downloading the future. It means understanding that the future is not tomorrow. Let me say that again … it is not the case that tomorrow is the future. Tomorrow is usually a recycling of the past. I take what I have learned from my past experience, repackage it and call it the future. As cotemporary mystic, Thomas Hubl puts it, metaphorically it is like picking up the carpet that I walked on yesterday, throwing it over my shoulder and laying it down in front of me and saying "See? It's tomorrow’s carpet. It’s in the future. Quite different from the past." But actually it’s the same carpet, just in a different position.
To be truly open to the future means cultivating an inner and outer practice of seeing the world and all that is in it afresh. Can I meet you, in every moment, afresh? Or do I meet you with a pre-formed idea of who you are, how you will respond, and what you are likely to think, say and do? It means understanding that, from a mystical point of view, the future is already happening now.
​​ If we can cultivate the inner conditions where we can deeply listen to the whisper of the future, we will hear a soft call to adventure, to the new, to insight and innovation. Often this whisper is drowned out by the noise of the world – our busy thoughts and busy lives.
Insight and innovation land in spaciousness. We need to cultivate this. As Thomas Hubl says, we need to become gardeners of space. The new cannot land if we are already filled with the old. We need to empty out and create the spaciousness in which the future can arrive.  ‘Be still and know’, as Eileen Caddy said.
To download and access the future, we need to create inner and outer spaciousness, within which we can listen deeply to its whisper and to our sources of inspiration, and cultivate the courage needed to act on what we hear and receive.  In this way, the future need not be faced with fear and foreboding but can be embraced with a sense of adventure and possibility.
£995 - Corporate / for-profit organisation rate
£795 - NGO / not-for-profit organisation rate
£695 - Individual rate.

Price includes all food and accommodation throughout your stay. Transfers not included.
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