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This event happened in September 2018
Judging which brands to trust, and which product to buy, can be challenging in a marketplace where the biggest voices, with the largest budgets, get premium shelf space. Such brands are often motivated by money rather than service, by profit rather than care for the planet or their customers.

The good news is that there is a growing number of ethical ‘Spirited Businesses’ shining through the cracks created by those global corporations. United by a collective vision of helping informed consumers identify truly sustainable and ethical products, like-minded brands can stimulate a mass change that benefits societies, nature, the environment and future generations.
Upon visiting Findhorn for the first time last year I instantly felt a deep connection with nature. My intuition and sense of awareness was heightened, giving me a focus beyond the norm. I am so often caught up in my day to day business activities, (and yes I have a daily practice of yoga and meditation to help manage it,) being at Findhorn helped me to expand into a realm of consciousness and clarity much more easily. Findhorn will be the perfect place for us to reflect and explore how our businesses and brands can help shape that better future we are all looking for. By exploring and working together I feel we will all come away with an insight and set of tools to really make that difference.   
Jarvis Smith - mygreenpod.com
Findhorn calls itself an eco-village and spiritual community and to me, it is so much more - it’s the place I go to ‘plug-in’, recharge and to re-ignite my purpose. A place to find our potential and become our bigger self. I know Findhorn has the power to unlock this potential in all of us - all we have to do is say ‘yes’! 
Jayn Sterland - Weleda Managing Director
​This event will explore how far ethical and independent brands have come and how, by working together, they can change the tide of greenwashing and become tomorrow’s global leaders. 
These partners include Yeo Valley, River Cottage, Weleda, I love Freegle, Soil Association and others. Jarvis also founded and runs the P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards, the UK's largest and most respected sustainability awards now in its 8th year.

Some Spirited Business ambassadors and attendees include:
  • Jayn Sterland - Managing Director, Weleda UK, confirmed.
  • Tim and Sarah Mead - Yeo Valley, family-owned farming and dairy company, intending to come.  
  • Lord Stone of Blackheath - Former Managing Director, Marks & Spencer, confirmed.
£1250   Large business (over 250 employees)
£950     Medium business (50-250 employees)
£650     Small business (upto 50 employees)

All prices include vegetarian meals and three nights’ single room accommodation (some with shared facilities).
This event will be convened by Jarvis Smith, accompanied by expert facilitation from Robin Alfred. Jarvis is the founder of MyGreenPod magazine, the UK's biggest ethical lifestyle publication distributed with the Guardian quarterly and to over six million ethical consumers by email through various brand distribution partners. 
Findhorn has long been a beacon for a very different kind of engagement in meeting the challenges that currently confront us.
Jonathon Porritt, Programme Director of Forum for the Future and former, Chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission
Attending Findhorn and the resulting impact has become a key element in our business strategy development. Our participation and experience at ​Findhorn helps us to challenge ourselves, think outside the box and grow.
Guy Bigwood, MCI Group
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To ensure a high-quality experience for all participants, this event is by application only. Please select to contact us for more information. 

There will be an optional tour of Findhorn Ecovillage at 11am on Monday 17th, lunch is at 12.30 and the programme will begin at 2pm. The programme ends at 12.30 on Thursday 20th.
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