Systemic Risk

Wednesday 28 August, 2pm - Friday 30 August, 6pm, 2019
Pension funds, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, philanthropic foundations and other asset owners face a growing range of
non-diversifiable risks like climate change, soil erosion as well as other environmental challenges, but also threats to democracy from a crisis of trust in information, growing social exclusion, growing wealth differentials and online harms.
These challenges will require new forms of collaboration, like the celebration of collective action by corporations and cities through the UNFCCC since 2015.

Capitalism has a severe problem with the very long term. Because of the tyranny of the discount rate, anything that happens to a corporation over 25 years out doesn’t exist for them. Therefore, grandchildren have no value.
They handle very badly externalities.
Even handle badly is flattering; they don’t handle at all.

Jeremy Grantham, Founder of GMO
​A select group of influential people will come
together to help answer this question.

Although some Environmental Social and Governance - ESG factors have permeated the language of global investors, even with the plethora of information available to them, there is no forum to discuss existential risks such as diminishing agricultural land, rising populations, the social impact of technology, and a political establishment with no clear plan to address economic inequality, mass migration and food shortages it will bring.
These challenges will come to impact every aspect of the society, economy and wider world that we currently take for granted and represent extreme financial risk to longer-term investment on the same scale as climate change.

This forum will offer experts from the corporate, investment, academic and other sectors the opportunity to collaboratively develop a framework to assess the societal, economic and environmental risks that pose the greatest threat to our world, and to lay the foundations for a framework by which we can educate, assess and take action to address these threats.
The surroundings of the Findhorn Foundation offer participants a unique environment within which we will be encouraged to think outside of the box about the role of various actors and the methods for integrating existential risk mitigation into corporate and investment strategy.

£995 - Corporate / for-profit organisation rate
£795 - NGO / not-for-profit organisation rate
£695 - Individual rate.

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