Beyond Smart: Integral City Practices, Tools & Maps

Saturday 27 April lunchtime - Depart Monday 29 April lunchtime 2019
This two-day course introduces “practitioners” to just the basics of the Integral City model. You will learn the framework of practices, tools and maps that reveal the common patterns that impact the lives of individuals, organizations and communities within your city. This short course explores three powerful images animating Integral City systems – the integral map, the meshwork and the human hive. You will learn from your own situations and each other how the toolkit can build on the Traditional, Smart and Resilient City models. It can also be applied to Urban Ecovillages.
  • The Integral Map discloses how people develop capacities for living, learning and working together effectively in the city.
  • The Meshwork reveals the emergence of the natural patterns of relationships that connect individuals and groups and result in mutual trust and respect in the city.
  • The Human Hive proposes the city has 4+1 Voices that generate resourcefulness and energy for city wellbeing.
This course will help you to see the city as a whole system that responds like a resilient Human Hive; meshes Complex Relationships for Smart & Resilient City learning; and Integrates Intentions for vibrant cultures, innovative economies and healthy environments.
What is truly amazing about Marilyn’s books and courses is that they serve as guides for the real-world heroes dealing with the real-world issues, while offering a direct connection to the timeless dimension of ever-present Wisdom and Wholeness.
Lev Gordon, Cofounder of Living Cities Movement, Russia
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​​ We introduce the participants to the 4+1 Voices of the Integral City (Business, Local Government, Civil Society and Citizens, plus actors from other regional cities). We explore the basic toolbox of the Integral City. The toolkit contains core teachings from the Integral City Book series. We explain the 5 sets of Intelligences that all cities need for coping with local challenges like citizen engagement or global challenges like climate change responses. We offer 5 maps of the city that can be used to align all the scales of interaction from individual expression to neighbourhood meetings to city-wide sustainability. And we use the biomimicry of the beehive to reveal how the 4+1 Voices of the Human Hive can work together for setting priorities and achieving prosperity.

You will learn from your own situations and each other how the toolkit guides you beyond models for Urban Ecovillages and Traditional, Smart and Resilient Cities.

This event is targeted at people who want to learn how the Integral Model can be applied in a practical way to integrate and align the dynamics of their personal and professional lives in village governance and/or local government, business innovators and/or enterprising leaders and in Civil Society or the Third Sector. This course is for urban practitioners as well as village elders, city staff, regional developers and municipal agencies (including fire, police, healthcare, education, emergency response, justice). It will be very useful for anyone working in the Third Sector, as leaders, staff or volunteers. It is an introductory course for people practising in smaller towns or larger urban centers. It is also offered to consultants, practitioners and professionals serving urban and regional development who want to explore how an Integral City model can add higher and deeper options to their urban strategies.

​During the retreat, we will draw upon the research and experience of the Integral City Communities of Practise (in Canada, USA, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Finland, Mexico). We will respond to participant questions, curiosities and learning objectives.
​​We will enjoy the influence of Findhorn’s personal/professional and sustainability development practises and connect them to the Integral City toolkit. This course will be a natural introduction to the advanced courses Beyond Resilient: Integral City Inquiry, Action & Impact and Beyond Complexity: Integral City Care, Context & Capacity.

Inspired by the paradigm-shifting frameworks, research and impact designs of Marilyn Hamilton’s Integral City website, blogs, courses and books (Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive; Integral City Inquiry & Action: Designing Impact for the Human Hive; and Integral City 3.7: Reframing Complex Challenges for Gaia’s Human Hives), this workshop is being convened by author Marilyn Hamilton, Founder of Integral City Meshworks, and co-facilitator Beth Sanders, with additional input from Findhorn Community practitioners.
£790 - Corporate / for-profit organisation rate
£590 - NGO / not-for-profit organisation rate
£490 - Individual rate.

All prices include two nights’ accommodation (Saturday - Monday, depart Monday noon), all meals (vegetarian, local, organic where possible) retreat content and facilitation. Limited bursaries are available for young professionals in need of financial support at this stage of their career.


If Beyond Smart is booked at the same time as Beyond Resilience take £100 off the combined price of both programmes at the appropriate level. Monday night dinner and accommodation and Tuesday lunch are included free.

Limited bursaries are available for young professionals in need of financial support at this stage of their career.
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